Virtual Conference

GECCO’21 will be hosted in Gather, a virtual game-like environment where each participant controls a mobile customizable avatar that can interact with other participants face-to-face via video chats and in other ways. Our Gather map will emulate a virtual conference center and its surroundings, featuring multiple facilities, including lecture rooms, drawing tables for technical discussions, info desk, exhibitions etc. Keynotes, talks and other events will be directly accessible from Gather; this is also where the poster sessions will take place. We encourage you to spend most of your time between sessions in Gather, asking questions to speakers, interacting with other attendees, visiting exhibitions and exploring the environment, part of which will recreate the beautiful city of Lille, France, the host of the conference. Gather will be running 24/7 for the entire conference period, so you can enjoy it also from the less conveniently located time zones. See the video on this page and Gather demos and instructions for more details. If you have no prior experience with Gather, consider familiarizing yourself with the platform prior to the event.

You will also be given access to Whova, a more traditional virtual conference platform which provides a more structured access to conference content and schedule (days, sessions, tracks, talks). Sessions can be directly entered from Whova; however, access to poster sessions will be limited (only pre-recorded videos will be accessible from Whova).